Our Visit to Yorkshire Wildlife park

During my second week off my mum and sister suggested a family day out to Yorkshire wildlife park with the kiddos seen as we hadnt been anywhere together really this year yet. I agreed, having seen all the pictures on facebook I thought it looked like a really fun place to go. It was £15-50 for me and £12-50 for Jack, quite steep i thought but then I took into the consideration the cost of keeping exotic animals and the recent move of a polar bear, my thoughts were that it was

Slimming world super pasta sauce with chilli syn free on extra easy

Hello guys Today Ive been super busy batch cooking food to fill my freezer drawer of homecooked meals for when I dont have time to cook. As you can see lots of slimming world friendly foods on this table. One of my favourite and easiest recipes is for the spicy pasta sauce I make and freeze in the stand and pour bags for an easy pasta dish when time is short. For this you will need. Frylight 1 big red chilli deseeded and finely chopped 1 large onion finely diced 2 garlic cloves crushed 2/3

DIY Rainbow crayon Artwork

We have recently changed our colour scheme for the front room. Our new choice of colour? well actually all of them. Rainbow theme! YAY So I decided to have ago at some artwork me and hubby saw on pinterest. All you need are the following

  • Enough crayons to cover the length of your canvas
  • A canvas
  • Hot glue gun
  • Image for silhouette.
  • modge podge to seal image onto canvas
  • Hairdryer and sheets to cover work area
  • cup to keep image tidy
Firstly sort all your colours out and check you have enough for the canvas and how you want

Back from our York trip

Well we have been back a day and the washing machine has been on full blast as it does the never ending washing that occurs after a weeks break. We had a fab time in York, although it was very tiring. We were incredibly disappointed with the travel lodge we stayed in, it was the exact same one as last year but it wasnt as good as we remembered, but thats another post entirely. York Dungeon was funny and we enjoyed it as we did last year, we even bought

Homemade Courgette Cake

Now before I hear you all make huge groaning noises of disgust please hear me out... This is actually a very sweet cinnamony bread very similar to banana bread, or teabread. My 10 year old ate it and he agrees it tastes nothing like the vegetable its made from, so if you want a cheeky way to get some extra veggies in heres a sugary way. So if you are feeling adventurous heres the recipe (makes 2 loaves) 3 eggs 400g Caster Sugar 200g Melted marg 1tsp Vanilla 500g Finely grated courgette 500g Plain flour 150g Sultanas 1tsp

This blog is a bit bare

Hello everyone. My apologies for the long delay in the blog. We lost a hardrive which unfortunately had ALOT of my back up on. The hubby managed to rescue alot of my posts etc but I have lost quite a few images. So I will be making a list of the recipes without pictures and remaking them to include new images for the site. Im starting from fresh too, as you can see a faster new layout to the blog. hopefully if you are looking at my site

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