Simple Slimming world vegetable soup free on extra easy, thrifty and cheap

Hello all Today im going to share with you this super easy, and super tasty Vegetable soup. If like me and you follow Slimming world its free on extra easy and is packed with lots of free and superfree, and its also perfect to take to work to keep you warm now autumn has drawn in. Its also really cheap to make, and a great way to use up any leftover veg lurking about in your fridge. Which if you are on a budget like we are, meals like this can really

Beating back the winter cold

Its been terribly cold and wet these last few days, and I've been looking at ways to keep warm and keep to my slimming world plan. Its all to tempting to grab a hot chocolate with marshmallows or a special frothy cappuccino latte do dah from Costa while in town. But I've promised myself no reckless spending. After making a few quid on eBay , I don't want it to disappear, so this week I set to and made some Vegetable soup and spicy sweet potato and red pepper soup.

Super cheap and cheerful Sausage meatball Pasta Bake

Tonight I messed up a bit, as we were planning on having homemade curry and onion bajjis for tea, however I completly forgot that the hubby is at his class tonight. So I had to come up with something fast for tea that me and Jack could eat. I had a pack of sausages in the fridge so I decided to use them up and the best part of this meal is its super cheap and easy to make. What you need 300g pasta ( just over half a bag

Onion Sets and very important equipment

Today I managed to pick up some vital and very important pieces of equipment for the Allotment and what may guarantee our success down there. May I introduce, our new kettle I also managed to snag some milk pots from our local B&M for 39p a pack, ideal for our cuppas. I also found some winter onion sets at work, which say they can be planted anytime from Sept to December. So Im waiting for this horrid cold to go away and I will be donning my wellies and getting them into the

Its October already

Hello everyone. Im currently sat in my front room, while Jack sorts out finding all his Hot wheels cars as hes planning on selling them to make a few quid. Mike has just gutted our entire Loft out. There is now nothing in it, and its all shared between the bedrooms. I have been full of cold and have a nasty chest infection, so I havent been up to cooking much recently (there is a toad in the hole in the oven tough, shh dont tell mr slimming world) Mikes been starting on

Trip to the Garden Centre

The other day, me and my parents in law took a trip to our local garden centre to have a look around. I wasnt going for anything in particular but I did want to have a look. I always find garden centres to be a bit expensive, they tend to overprice things but I did come away with some bits. There were loads of bedding plants on offer. Not too bad in price but not what I need today.   Crazy looking pigs and sheep, even a peacock. I purchased a new herb for my herb

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